About Louisville ADHD

Hello, my name is Dr. F. Allen Walker and I am an Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) success story.

I have been studying, diagnosing, and treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder for many many years. Diagnosed at 25 years old, through perseverance and family support my personal struggle with ADHD has gradually evolved into one of success.

During my residency, I recognized a need in our community. In July of 2005 I opened a private psychiatric practice in Louisville Kentucky focused on helping individuals with ADHD and co-occuring conditions such as anxiety, depression and addictions.

After listening to countless individuals and families with ADHD, the stories and struggles of ADHD families have personally affected and frustrated me. I found the questions; concerns and often limited resources of these families were particularly stressful and limiting. Their not knowing what to do, or simply doing the wrong thing, often made matters worse. I realized that the lack of good, reliable and practical information was no different than my own experiences had been.

ADHD affects families and individuals in multiple ways both positive and negative. However ADHD alters your self control, self-esteem, behavior and it invades your home and attacks your family. It can seriously deplete your limited time, energy (both physical and emotional) and your finances if it is not properly diagnosed and treated.

Many individuals are not finding what they need in conventional medicine. There are countless unstudied claims that non-conventional treatments work. How do individuals sort through this mass of information and marketing to find out what really does work? Is there any way to combine conventional and alternative treatments and find the best ways to help individuals with ADHD?

I asked myself, “What if I could create a comprehensive yet individualized treatment approach to ADHD?” Next, “What if I could provide practical step-by-step approach, to support, guide and help individuals with ADHD? What if I could create an entire treatment program showing individuals and families how to find the treatment combination that is right for them.” I feel I have accomplished this with my psychiatric practice.